Straddling the iconic Bushwick Brooklyn and tree lined Ridgewood Queens neighborhoods; The Strand is surrounded by Old-World charm and an unparalleled artsy ethos. On the one hand, there’s historic Ridgewood, Queens, with its 10 national historic districts, four city landmark districts, and multitudes of Romanesque Revival row houses. On the other hand, is trendsetting Bushwick. A vibrant and authentic NYC residential community rests adjacent to what once was one of NYC’s industrial hubs. Today, the warehouses still stand, however this section of Brooklyn has become the go-to neighborhood where up-and-coming NYC chefs, designers, creators and artists turn to when they’re looking to launch something new, exciting and real!

Transportation map highlighing subways stops, stations and attractions with text that says Ticket to anywere
Jefferson St. interior subway tile sign
Faro Rabbit by Michael Tulipan
Sea Wolf restaurant interior with seated patrons
Kevin Cooking by Michael Tulipan
Porcelain cafe - chalkboard sign outdoors
Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave Subway stop with train pulling away
Restaurant interior - seating near window with outside city view
Elsewhere Brooklyn. Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens
Maria Hernandez Park Gate entrance and sign
YES neon sign on painted brick exterior
Cocoa Grinder exterior with people walking
Stylish modern gift shop with home gifts and accessories
Shelf with unique children's gifts, handmade dolls and games
Sea Wolf lobster closeup
Sea Wolf Entrance exterior with bright funky painting on brick exterior and a peek inside of the bar area
Artichoke Basille's Pizza exterior
Coffee and Tea cafe with patrons and barista
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The streets immediately surrounding The Strand are filled with impromptu art installations, 5-star restaurants, hip cafes, chill coffee spots and the world renowned Bushwick Brooklyn nightlife scene. Just outside your front door is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of color—with street-art covering the neighborhood—making any trek to the L train each morning its own gallery trip.

  1. Houdini Kitchen Laboratory
  2. Klom Klorm
  3. Roberta’s
  4. Sea Wolf
  5. BK Jani
  6. Bunna Cafe
  7. Buttah
  8. Sally Roots
  9. Archie's Bar & Pizza
  10. FARO
  11. The Caffeine Underground
  12. Porcelain
  13. East Coast Burger
  14. For Five Coffee Roasters
  15. Pronto
  16. Bella Donna Pizzeria
  17. Bunker
  18. Coffee Express
  19. Arrogant Swine
  20. Ichiran
  21. Topos Bookstore Café
  1. Elsewhere
  2. Nowadays
  3. Boobie Trap
  4. The Narrows
  5. The Keep
  6. Left Hand Path
  7. The Footlight
  8. Fine Time Bar
  9. Halsey Ale House
  10. Evil Twin Brewing
  11. Mood Ring
  12. Windjammer Bar
  13. Club House Sports Bar
  14. The Brooklyn Mirage
  15. House of Yes
  16. Honey’s
  17. Our Wicked Lady
  18. Jupiter Disco
  19. Lot 45 Bushwick
  1. Better Than Jam
  2. Saint Senaca Store
  3. Deep Cuts Record Store
  4. Fox & Fawn
  5. Molasses Books
  6. Slovianka
  7. Rodgriguez Deli Grocery
  8. Celene’s Thrift Shop
  9. Associated Supermarket
  10. Topos Bookstore Café
  11. Left Field NYC
  12. Pickthorn
  1. The Bushwick Collective
  2. Maria Hernandez Park
  3. Bushwick Open Studios
  4. Bushwick Starr
  5. Bohack Square
  6. Dog Friendly Grooms
  7. Queens Animal Care Center
  8. MetroRock Brooklyn
  9. Queens Public Library at Ridgewood